[VHFcontesting] AB2YI/R QRV Contest

David Muller dm5957 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 07:59:13 PDT 2012

AB2YI/R will be QRV contest on 4 low bands with 30w on 222 and 100w on the others.
Still considering whether to travel to more grids or to work longer at the proven sites.

The "travel more" plan starts near Erie, PA grids EN91/92, FN01/02.
(Even EN90/FN00/ FN11 are possible)

Will then move to (or start in) main-stay grids FN02/12/13/03 Saturday evening and/or Sunday morning.
Will continue across FN12 to FN 22/23 Sunday afternoon/evening with possible return to
FN03 before close.

Will be monitoring 146.55 and/or 223.5 FM much of the time.

I also have provision for a quick-deploy dipole for 60M when stopped.  Would like to
know what stations will be monitoring 60M and confirm the channel/frequency.

Skeds look tough, but if you are looking for any of these grids, let me know.
Hoping to work better DX from a couple remote hills (FN11,02,23).

GL  73,  David  AB2YI

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