[VHFcontesting] VE3WCC June ARRL VHF QSO Party Operation FN04xa

Glenn MacDonell glennmacd at rogers.com
Thu Jun 7 12:49:07 PDT 2012

The West Carleton Amateur Radio Club of Ottawa will again operate VE3WCC "Field Day" style from FN04xa for the June ARRL VHF QSO Party.  Located at 730 feet ASL overlooking Lake Ontario, the location will have a clear shot over more than 180 degrees centered on the South allowing access to the major population centers of Ontario, Northern New York State and beyond. This will be the fifth year of a multi-op effort from this site.  After slipping to #2 in Canada in 2010 we regained top spot in 2011 and aim to hold on to it this year!

As for last year's contest the group will operate all bands from 6M through 1296 MHz.  We will run 800w to 1kw at 2m and 6 m this year to single long boom yagis with lower powers on the other bands.  We will again have the capability to operate WSJT at 2 and 6m but with limited number of operators this year this will not figure largely in our plans unless we have several interesting skeds.  

We will also use shorter range systems for  2.4GHz (wi-fi  based channel 1) and 5.8GHz (telephone based), 10 GHz wideband FM using Tellurometers and 24GHz wideband FM using gunplexers.   Our 2.4GHz system allows QSOs for more than 10km using external antennas and unaided laptops can connect with us over several kilometers.  As well we may have a some equipment for short range microwave contacts for loan to the first rovers to drop by (each system can only be used by one operator).  We will be located near the intersection of 4 grids and even though only 3 are easily reached at microwave frequencies this could be quite profitable in terms of QSOs!
Rovers who will be within range are asked to forward their rover schedules to VE3XRA.  Please include the grids squares and approximate times you plan to be in each, a list of bands you are able to operate, and the co-ordination frequency you will use.  

Those rovers who will actually pass near FN04xa are welcome to stop by for a snack and hot coffee.  We set up at long -78.00239 W, lat 44.01971 N. Directions to our location can be sent by e-mail upon request or you can find the track of VE3XRA-9 on 10 June 2011 on http:// aprs.fi that ends at the site!  

Schedules are very welcome - please send requests to ve3xra at rac.ca.   We will have mobile access to internet and can arrange skeds up to the start of the contest.

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