[VHFcontesting] 2013 Spring Sprints Update #1

Spring Sprints springvhfuhfsprints at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 01:47:34 EDT 2013

The 144 MHz Sprint was held last Monday; thanks to all who participated
(just over 30 logs have been received so far and the List of Logs Received
for 144 MHz should be on the Spring Sprints web site tomorrow by

I had also NOT activated the e-mail auto-replyer for log submissions but
that IS now active (though submitters that use the WA7BNM's Web2Cabrillo
Form won't see the auto replies).

With the 15 day gap between the 144 MHz and 222 MHz Sprints in 2013, the
logs for 144 MHz will be due on April 15th, the day BEFORE the 222 MHz
Sprint (and I seem to remember that something ELSE is due on April 15th?).

SO... upcoming dates to remember are:

April 9th - Watch for 144 MHz Logs Received to be posted and feel free to
operate on 222 MHz in the evening but remember that the 222 MHz Sprint is
NOT until the following Tuesday (April 16th).

April 15th - Logs Due for 144 MHz

April 16th - The 222 MHz Sprint (7-11pm local time)

April 24th - The 432 MHz Sprint (7-11pm local time)

Thanks for reading and for your interest and participation in the Spring
VHF & Up Sprints.

73, John, K9JK, Spring Sprint Host and log-checking human

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