[VHFcontesting] My last AM-6155 amp for sale

Dave Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Tue Apr 9 17:09:36 EDT 2013

This is the last of my AM-6155 amplifiers for 144 MHz. It is all converted by me, and ready to plug in the wall outlet for an easy 350 watts on 144 MHz SSB or CW. I did not have a good 8930 left for this amp, so I built an aluminum collar on the lathe, and installed it on a brand new 4CX250/7203 JAN tube. The gain is quite high and I went full scale on my 150 watt Bird dummy load wattmeter with only 600 mw of drive. That works out to 24 dB gain. That will probably drop at the higher power levels a bit, and I did not check to see how much power I could get out of this, but the 8930s and this 4CX250 with a bigger anode cooler will run at 300- 350 watts or so with no strain. With 24 dB gain, this is a hot brand new tube!  You will get over 300 watts with about 2 watts of 144 MHz drive. It is not a good idea to run it over that 300 watt power level, as the distortion products start to climb rapidly.  This amp is now set for 115 vac. It does have a power cord  included with a 115 vac molded plug on one end and the mating connector for the amp on the other end.  The cord is big and heavy. It looks like #12 stranded AC wire. The keying is accomplished by grounding a RCA phono jack on the back panel.  There are no coax relays included with the amp. You have just an INPUT and an OUTPUT N connector. 
Selling price is $175 with the power cord. Shipping extra. I can bring the amplifier to Nearfest in early May,  or the Northeast VHF Conference in late April.
    I shipped a few of these amps recently and UPS shipping prices were around $50-$60 on the East Coast and a bit over $70 to CA. Rural QTHs might be a bit higher.

Dave K1WHS
207 658 9076
k1whs at metrocast.net

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