[VHFcontesting] 6 and 2 meter antennas

Joe Barnes n4jbk at comcast.net
Sat Apr 13 03:56:31 EDT 2013

I am about to replace mw 6 and 6 meter SSB antennas that were damaged during bouts with several tropical storms ad a hurricane that got a little close. Having antennas that are somewhat long 50 + feet over any tree that is within eyeshot is good for the electrons with the aluminum is all on its own when the winds go to howling.

My question is is there any place that I can go to get information both scientific and opinion based on the comparison of six meter antennas in the size of 7 elements and up and 2 meter antennas of 15 element long boom and larger?

I am interested also in the comparison between the conventional types of antennas and the “newer kids on the block” the O.W.L. and the L.F.A. types. 

Again I am interested in scientifically based testing but also real world usage opinion based information.

I also need antennas that will handle legal limit power easily and have been proven to be able to do so, one of the C3I antennas that I have was an absolutely outstanding antenna as far as performance goes but when the fire hit the wire even though I had a very good match it gave up the ghost. In defense of the antenna it hasn’t been brought down off the tower yet for damage assessment. 

Thank you,


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