[VHFcontesting] In response to Joe, N4JBK

John Lindholm w1xx at cox.net
Sat Apr 13 09:13:37 EDT 2013

In response to Joe, N4JBK who needs to replace his storm damaged antennas:
Wow.I did not realize there were any other C3i antenna fans still around.
With a choice between a single long boom antenna vs. a shorter stacked pair,
I'll take the stack anytime.  Easier to handle, mechanically more sound, no
boom support struts, wider-angle flashlight beams to be heard when not
exactly pointed correctly, less susceptible to storm damage, etc.  Having
contest mountain-topped successfully for several years in the 1990's and
early 2000's.I tried both arrangement in both multi and single-op
operations.  Two stacked antennas is better.  I followed that same theme
when I went fixed in 2006 (Rhode Island FN41ej) with a pair of C3i C6-50's
at 50 and 70 feet, and 2x C3i FO-12's at 100 and 110 feet on a rotating
tower.  The C3i 50 MHz antenna is a 6 element.whereas if you go to 7 you
need a boom support strut. At the time, Terry, K4RX did an EZNEC analysis
for me - including a comparison to another make - and he was most impressed
with the results.confirmed by my 8 years of flawless operation.
Incidentally, I incurred my first winter storm damage this year from
Blizzard Nemo (and from Hurricane Sandy in 2012).but only to my 2-element 40
meter M2 Yagi - soon to taken down and replaced.  I might add a nostalgic
note that I also had the benefit of using the prototype close-spaced C31
5-element 6-meter antennas (3 of them) designed and built by K1JX back in
the day. Hope this may be of some help, Joe. 73! 

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