[VHFcontesting] K1WHS 222 sprint

Dave Olean k1whs at metrocast.net
Thu Apr 18 14:58:57 EDT 2013

I looked at the 222 MHz 12 volt supply. It is really hosed. Three of the six 2N3771 transistors are shorted and I have open emitter resistors, so it was a catastrophic failure. Someone asked what kind of power supply it was. The supply was an old Meshna Surplus buy from about 1972, so I guess it does not owe me  much at this point. It is an industrial series pass type linear supply good for 25 amps or so. I should just buy a modern one and be done with it. Just the aluminum resistors 0.1 ohm 10 watt cost $17 each and I need at least three. Minimum order from Digi Key is ten pieces! Time for a new supply!  I wonder if the place got hit by lightning over the winter? I am sure finding a lot of blown out stuff!
    Thanks all for the tips on recovering the log. I have a small hard drive caddy already. All I need is a computer to hook it in to. The darn laptop has the hard drive hidden so well, I can’t even find it. Life is getting way too difficult for me.  I should take up a less exciting hobby. These explosions and burning parts are getting old.  As for a new hobby, the XYL has already ruled out flying, boating, deep sea fishing, car racing, motorcycle racing, horses, and even target shooting.  My choices are a bit limited. She likes stamp collecting and flower arranging.

Dave K1WHS

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Dave - ur antennas were working well - u were very loud down this way. Totals here were 43 X 21 for 10991 distance points. Tnx for the Q's. I will be only be on late for the 432 sprint. Hope to see a few hearty souls still on the air!

73, Jeff K1TEO

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