[VHFcontesting] Losing CQ and CQ-VHF......

Zack Widup w9sz.zack at gmail.com
Sat Dec 28 16:46:29 EST 2013

The world is changing. Speaking of SWL days, the commercial and
national shortwave broadcasters are slowly disappearing, one by one.
Radio Canada International, Radio Nederland ... gone. Soon to go -
Radio Moscow (or The Voice Of Russia, as it's called now). Not too
many left. The commercial shortwave bands really sound different than
they did in the late 60's and early 70's.

Quite a few publications are ceasing paper versions, and some are
still publishing on paper but offer a choice and prefer subscribers to
go to the digital versions.

I don't mind too much; there are advantages and disadvantages to both versions.

73, Zack W9SZ

On 12/28/13, Jerry <jer.sieg at shaw.ca> wrote:
> I am afraid the days of print are slowly coming to an end ! I remember
> back in my CB then SWL days..one of the few local stores that carried CQ
> Magazine was my 'Monthly Trek' as a kid on my bike, to see if the 'New
> Issue' was in ! I occasionally bought others, Popular Elec,
> Communications, etc..but 'CQ' was what I was always looking for !  I
> guess if I look back the 30+ years now..those 'colorful Rig Adds,
> DXpedition stories, etc.. I 'Owe it to CQ Mag for making me pursue the
> Hobby' !  Have not read one in years..but still remember those
> 'TS-820's, IC-751's, etc..that would make me 'drool' while listening to
> 'the guys' on my Radio Shack DX-160 ! Always figured 'Some Day' ! Well
> that day came in Feb. 84'..was a 'Great Magazine'..sorry to see her a SK !
> Jerry
> On 12/28/2013 2:06 PM, Mike (KA5CVH) Urich wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 28, 2013 at 2:00 PM, George Fremin III <geoiii at kkn.net>
>> wrote:
>> As far as contests go - you do not need a magazine to run or sponsor
>> contests.
>> Mike wrote
>> No but I will miss the hard copy.  I have been getting both for some
>> time but always like having something in my hand too.
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