[VHFcontesting] Losing CQ and CQ-VHF......

Jerry jer.sieg at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 28 16:54:37 EST 2013

When I finally got my ticket.. was invited to the shack of Bill Savage, 
VE6EO.. gave me a bunch of late 30's and early to late 40's QST Mags.. 
now that was interesting reading !  Then noticed he was VE QSL Bureau, 
started QCWA Chapter in VE6 ! Met a lot of 'famous people'..and never 
knew it until years later !  Many of them guys are SK's now..miss the 
'shack visits, stories, etc.'
And at 51..they still call me the 'young fella'..well, those that are 
still around !  Nice when a 'New Op' comes to see the shack, and shows 
off his 'New HT the size of a cell phone' !
I fire up the Swan Rig..tell him 'you ain't experienced anything until 
you discover the smell of Tube Stuff' !  ;o)
We have a local who is publishing a book on his early days..Dad was 
'Post Master in VO1..and the guys had to turn over their gear during the 
war'..can't wait to read his experiences as well !
On 12/28/2013 2:39 PM, Peter Laws wrote:
> So are you trying to say you don't want*my*  60-lb box of QSTs?

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