[VHFcontesting] Grid map overlay for google maps

Barry Hansen barry at k7bwh.com
Fri Feb 1 13:16:22 EST 2013

It sounds like you're looking for example programming to the Google Maps API
so you can display your own map in a web page with the Maidenhead grid
super-imposed on it. Or maybe I've completely missed the point, in which
case, never mind, nothing to see, move along...

I've never seen a programming example for the general case of drawing a grid
over a Google map that works at all different zoom levels. I'd love to see
such an example, too.

Here's an example of a single grid square drawn on a Google map that I
designed to show just one grid at a time in Washington state:

There may be some useful Javascript techniques in there for you to
plagiarize. Hope it helps! 

Another Google map tip: As a map user, you can get the lat-long at any point
with a right-click and "what's here?".  And there is a browser add-on to
display the lat-long at the mouse pointer while holding the Shift key. Both
are clunky, but at least you can find grid transitions.

Barry K7BWH
barry at k7bwh.com   

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Hi Guys,
I'm starting to do some planning that may or may not happen but I'm looking
for a link to a gridmap overlay onto Google maps. This will be used to zoom
in on potential locations.
Google has a terrain feature so you can also view elevation as well as
global views.
Any help would be appreciated.
73,Paul, KE1LIFN41
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