[VHFcontesting] DEMI Accessories For Sale

Crownhaven crownhaven at bellsouth.net
Thu Feb 14 21:44:36 EST 2013

I have the following for sale:

DEMI Transverter Interface - TIB

DEMI Transverter Interface - TIB-850

DEMI four position transverter selection switch.  This allowed the 
selection of four transverters using one IF rig.

If you having been using DEMI transverters over the years, you probably 
know what these items are.  Steve doesn't offer them any longer.  They 
are in excellent condition.  The only one I used was the TIB-850 which 
was designed specifically for the Kenwood TS-850S.  It controlled my 222 
transverter back in the day.  I moved on to an Icom 375.

I'm hoping someone might be able to use these as they are sitting here 
gathering dust.  $75.00 for all three plus you pay the shipping.

Steve, N4JQQ, EM55bd

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