[VHFcontesting] Trying to get WSJT working on Yaesu Radios....

Dave Clouser dave at nz3m.com
Thu Feb 14 16:15:19 EST 2013

Hi Marshall,
I use 2 Yaesu's for digi modes and I don't use the data or packet 
modes.  Both are hooked to interfaces via DIN plug.  Put the rig in USB 
and see what happens.  I use USB mode for all digi modes except RTTY.
Dave NZ3M

On 2/14/2013 2:23 PM, Marshall-K5QE.COM wrote:
> Hello all...Bob-K6PF is moving in about 1 month. He needs AR and MA 
> for his 2M WAS.  I have been trying to help him get WSJT working on 
> his Yaesu FT1000MP so that he can finish his WAS before he moves and 
> loses all his states.  So far, I / we have failed miserably.
> A bit of history--Last spring, I tried to help Joey-W5TFW, the QSL 
> Manager for the K5N group, become active on WSJT meteor scatter so 
> that he could work some of the grids that the K5N group was 
> activating.  Joey has worked for years on 6M using SSB/CW but did not 
> have a digital interface for WSJT.  So I bought him a SignaLink 
> interface with the proper cable(a 5 pin DIN) for his Yeasu FT920.  I 
> went to Joey's house to install the interface and get him running on 
> WSJT / FSK441.
> Well, we never could get it to work.  Whenever you put the FT920 into 
> the data mode, the radio also put in a 500cy crystal filter. I am 
> guessing that Yaesu just "assumed" that you must be doing RTTY or 
> PSK31 and so you "need" a narrow filter.  We never could get around 
> that.  We could not get the TX or the RX to work right.
> Fast forward to yesterday--Bob got his digital interface in hand. He 
> has a Buxcomm Rascal which is a very simple interface that uses a real 
> serial port--I have a bunch of them here and the work just fine for 
> me.  The Rascal came with the proper 5 pin DIN for the Yaesu radio.  
> Several weird things happened when he put his radio into the Packet 
> mode(the 1000MP talks about packet this and packet that while as I 
> remember, the FT920 that Joey has talks about data this and data 
> that).  First, the radio insisted on being in LSB, even though we were 
> using 28MHz as the transverter IF, when we changed to the Packet 
> mode.  Then it also threw in a narrow filter....I could hear the 
> difference over the phone when Bob went into the Packet mode.  We 
> could never get the TX or the RX to work right.
> I spent a lot of time just trying to get the SpecJT screen to work 
> right.  I thought if we could get RX to work, then we could try to 
> figure out TX.  I don't think that we ever got any audio through the 
> FT1000MP radio, not on RX and not on TX.  SO, for me, I am two strikes 
> trying to get Yaesu radios to work with digital interfaces and WSJT.
> HELP!!!  I would really appreciate it if some Yaesu guru would help 
> Bob(and indirectly me) get his FT1000MP working with WSJT. IF we can 
> figure out Bob's problem(s), then maybe I can get Joey's station 
> working too.
> OK Yaesu guys, here is your chance to shine.  I have been bumfuzzled 
> by all this, because when I plug the digital interface into my ICOM 
> radios, they just worked.  I did not have to do anything or make any 
> settings on the radio.  It was truly "plug and play".  So, again I 
> say, "HELP!!".  It would really be great for Bob to get his last two 
> states on 2M and not have to start over.  I suppose that I am overly 
> sensitive to this, as I lost 49 states when I had to move from 
> Oklahoma City in 1979.....it is sort of traumatic........I eventually 
> retired here and started over and received WAS #158 on 2M in March, 
> 2009.  So I finally did get my WAS, but it just took an extra 30 
> years!!  AAAAaaaaaRGH!! Nothing serious.....
> Thanks in advance for the help....
> 73 Marshall K5QE
> Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk.....
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