[VHFcontesting] Trying to get WSJT working on Yaesu Radios....

Marshall-K5QE.COM marshall at k5qe.com
Thu Feb 14 14:23:43 EST 2013

Hello all...Bob-K6PF is moving in about 1 month. He needs AR and MA for 
his 2M WAS.  I have been trying to help him get WSJT working on his 
Yaesu FT1000MP so that he can finish his WAS before he moves and loses 
all his states.  So far, I / we have failed miserably.

A bit of history--Last spring, I tried to help Joey-W5TFW, the QSL 
Manager for the K5N group, become active on WSJT meteor scatter so that 
he could work some of the grids that the K5N group was activating.  Joey 
has worked for years on 6M using SSB/CW but did not have a digital 
interface for WSJT.  So I bought him a SignaLink interface with the 
proper cable(a 5 pin DIN) for his Yeasu FT920.  I went to Joey's house 
to install the interface and get him running on WSJT / FSK441.

Well, we never could get it to work.  Whenever you put the FT920 into 
the data mode, the radio also put in a 500cy crystal filter. I am 
guessing that Yaesu just "assumed" that you must be doing RTTY or PSK31 
and so you "need" a narrow filter.  We never could get around that.  We 
could not get the TX or the RX to work right.

Fast forward to yesterday--Bob got his digital interface in hand. He has 
a Buxcomm Rascal which is a very simple interface that uses a real 
serial port--I have a bunch of them here and the work just fine for me.  
The Rascal came with the proper 5 pin DIN for the Yaesu radio.  Several 
weird things happened when he put his radio into the Packet mode(the 
1000MP talks about packet this and packet that while as I remember, the 
FT920 that Joey has talks about data this and data that).  First, the 
radio insisted on being in LSB, even though we were using 28MHz as the 
transverter IF, when we changed to the Packet mode.  Then it also threw 
in a narrow filter....I could hear the difference over the phone when 
Bob went into the Packet mode.  We could never get the TX or the RX to 
work right.

I spent a lot of time just trying to get the SpecJT screen to work 
right.  I thought if we could get RX to work, then we could try to 
figure out TX.  I don't think that we ever got any audio through the 
FT1000MP radio, not on RX and not on TX.  SO, for me, I am two strikes 
trying to get Yaesu radios to work with digital interfaces and WSJT.

HELP!!!  I would really appreciate it if some Yaesu guru would help 
Bob(and indirectly me) get his FT1000MP working with WSJT. IF we can 
figure out Bob's problem(s), then maybe I can get Joey's station working 

OK Yaesu guys, here is your chance to shine.  I have been bumfuzzled by 
all this, because when I plug the digital interface into my ICOM radios, 
they just worked.  I did not have to do anything or make any settings on 
the radio.  It was truly "plug and play".  So, again I say, "HELP!!".  
It would really be great for Bob to get his last two states on 2M and 
not have to start over.  I suppose that I am overly sensitive to this, 
as I lost 49 states when I had to move from Oklahoma City in 1979.....it 
is sort of traumatic........I eventually retired here and started over 
and received WAS #158 on 2M in March, 2009.  So I finally did get my 
WAS, but it just took an extra 30 years!!  AAAAaaaaaRGH!! Nothing 

Thanks in advance for the help....

73 Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 if you want to talk.....

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