[VHFcontesting] 2013 Spring Sprints Update #3

Spring Sprints springvhfuhfsprints at gmail.com
Sat May 11 00:07:09 EDT 2013

THIS coming Saturday (tomorrow as I am composing this message but
likely today as you are reading it) brings the FINAL Spring Sprint
event for 2013, 50 MHz. It is in the afternoon/evening for the
Americas, starting at 2300 UTC on May 11th and running through 0300
UTC on May 12th. Let's hope for some "E" and maybe the more
"consistent" kind...not the "sporadic" stuff ;-) so the band is "full"
from 50.125 to 50.200 (and above?) and don't forget the CW segment,
50.090 to 50.100. I also remind 'state-siders' to remember to NOT call
CQ in the DX Window (50.100 to 50.125), okay to answer CQs from DX
stations that you might find in that range (and wouldn't it be great
if there were a bunch of them in there for us TO work during the

Although the "official" deadline for submitting 50 MHz logs is May
28th (actually allowing 16 days due to the Memorial Day holiday), it
would REALLY help me if anyone submitting would NOT WAIT until that
deadline. Would participants please try to submit logs no later than
Friday, May 24th? (And that includes mailed paper logs...in the mail
to be RECEIVED by May 24th.)

Log checking is already underway for 144 MHz (58 logs received) and
222 MHz (36 logs received) and will start soon for 432 MHz (34 logs
received as of yesterday's deadline). The deadline for submission of
logs for the Microwave/902 MHz & Up Spring Sprint is a little over a
week away (May 20th) and 15 logs have been received so far.

Thanks to all who have participated so far this year and in advance to
those who participate in the 50 MHz event.

73, 'JK' (K9, that is), Spring Sprint host and log-checking human


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