[VHFcontesting] ebay 222 transverter boards

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I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for all of the replies.

The general consensus is these could be a fun project, but they are a long
way from a high performance transverter.  However, I'm still considering
buying one and installing it in the empty battery compartment in my

Although I plan to stick with my original plan to buy a DEMI unit sometime
in the spring.


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The PA transistor he is showing there certainly has the capability of 
producing the 10W.  I have been looking at that one for some of my 
projects.  Without going through a full circuit analysis, it looks like 
a fairly straightforward basic transverter,.  It uses dual gate MOSFETs 
for mixers with no LNA, so I would be concerned about the NF and third 
order intercept point.  It looks like it uses diode switching for the 
T/R switching.  Looks like some packaged 97 MHz commercial oscillator 
for the LO; would like to know what the accuracy and stability of that 
is as well.

73, Erich
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