[VHFcontesting] FM 13

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Tue Dec 30 09:58:30 EST 2014

I thought I sent this, yesterday. Never saw it post. Let's try again:
I will be in FM 13au, Baldhead Island, NC, on New Year's Day. I can 
only take what will fit into a backpack: FT 817, a 6M dipole and an 
Arrow Satellite yagi for 2M (three elements) and 70 cm (seven 
elements). I believe I can get the antennas up about eight feet. I 
don?t know exactly when I will be operating, but it will be between 10 
am and 2 pm Eastern Time. I will be on 144.200 and 50.125, calling CQ. 
QSY to 70 cm, on request. If 6M is open, I will be on the first clear 
spot above 50.125. Depending on what I see, I will probably go back 
for a June Contest, with a lot more equipment, in a few years.

Buddy WB4OMG

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