[VHFcontesting] 12 foot rover mast

Bill Schwantes bill4070 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 23 09:46:52 EST 2014

I use a 13 foot 6 inch  mast here in the southwest.  It's pretty tall but
it's legal and works well.  I have it on a rotator so I can rotate the
stack while in motion.  I have 5 yagis and a stressed Moxon on the stack,
50 through 1296, but each antenna is no longer than 8 feet and each is
mounted so that the turning radius does not exceed 4 feet.  That's legal
here in New Mexico, but not in some other states which have "overhang"
limits beyond the body structure of the vehicle. Check the requirements in
your state.

There have been times when overhanging trees were a problem and it pays to
carry some spare parts for the 6 meter Moxon, which is mounted on top of
the stack.  If I roved in the northwest or other areas where the roads were
more heavily lined with trees, I would use a different configuration.  My
system requires great care to keep antennas healthy and I wouldn't
recommend it except here in the desert.

73, Bill
W7QQ DM65sb

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