[VHFcontesting] Trends in VHF/UHF Weak Signal Operations

Bruce Richardson w9fz at w9fz.com
Mon Feb 10 00:38:39 EST 2014

George - KI4FIA shared several posts with us about why he's given up on
VHF/UHF weak-signal and ham radio in general and ended one message with
"that's my story, you are welcome to your's" or something like that.

My post is two-fold:  one I'm in agreement about the "problem" posted by
Les and others and like to see the brainstorming and the efforts towards
a better tomorrow.  Two, unlike George KI4FIA, I marvel at how MUCH I
like VHF/UHF weak-signal operations still to this day.  I got started up
in Grand Forks, ND in 1988 which has some similarity to the black hole
mentioned by the VE6.  The bug bit and it hasn't let go.  

Life is rich.  In addition to my passion for VHF/UHF weak-signal
operations, I have other hobbies that also get passion/attention.  Oh
and multiple jobs, and family make for a full and rich life.  My point
here is that I STILL love VHF/UHF weak-signal. I've met nice people and
I get radio thrills occasionally.  For me, the occasional thrills have
been enough to keep me passionate about my hobby.  I can tell that I'll
be nutty about VHF/UHF weak-signal for MANY years to come.

Todd KC9BQA has put a tremendous effort into "promotion" of VHF/UHF up
here in the Upper Midwest. It has helped things over how they would have
been without his promotion.  But he may be running out of steam.  So in
this message I'm not commenting much on the promotion aspects--but I
think it's a good discussion.

Sure, if I'm gonna be in VHF/UHF weak-signal for so many years into the
future, I'm gonna need someone to talk to.  So increasing our numbers
would be good and healthy.

The biggest point of my posting was to contrast with George KI4FIA how
much I still like what I'm doing (and plan to do) in VHF/UHF
weak-signal.  I'm met great people in the hobby. I know most of them in
the region and I've made nationwide friends at CSVHFS and Microwave
Update conferences.  (If you've never been to a  conference, you really
should go even if only for the social mingling with like minded
hobbiests. I mean any of the regional conferences.)

Some of you reading, do you marvel at how much you still like this niche
of ham radio even after all these years?

Bruce Richardson W9FZ

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