[VHFcontesting] Trends in VHF/UHF Weak Signal Operations

Peter Laws plaws at plaws.net
Tue Feb 11 19:01:42 EST 2014

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 7:28 AM, GeorgeF <av8tor at flash.net> wrote:

> The ARRL has 'cheapened' my license since being licensed in 2004, this is
> another reason I'm considering not renewing my license. When I was licensed
> you still needed 5WPM code to get on HF, I know CW long before getting my
> license and CW was and still is my favorite mode. I got my Tech Plus, a few
> months later got my General.  Then the ARRL says oh, now EVERYONE can get on
> HF, no work required!  The very lease the ARRL could have done was to
> automatically upgrade us Code Generals to the next class.  I believe they
> did that back when the first offered the NoCode Tech, didn't the old techs
> get upgraded automatically????

I saw this coming.  I called it, even.  Now we are DEFINITELY in Get
Off My Lawn territory ... though I admit that this is the first time
I've seen a post-2000 General complain that the post-2007 Generals
didn't have to work for it!  :-D

I am a pre-2000-Advanced-but-with-multiple-choice-test so the
pre-2000-Advanced-but-with-fill-in-the-blank-test-or-solid-copy guys
probably don't like me.  Plus, I am a post 1991 ham, so there is all
that No Coder baggage, too.

Ridiculous, all of it.

People should just get on the air and play, as someone else noted.  If
they don't want to do that, they should sell their gear and do
something else.

(BTW, if people in the latter category have an IC910 or IC9100, I will
take either off their hands for $100 because I'm just that kind of guy
- I take PayPal).

OK (EM15) -> CT (FN??) on 2m Es.  That's all I need to keep me going.
Phone at that - didn't even switch over to CW ...  Didn't catch any
openings like that in 2013, but that's OK, there will be others ...

Some day, I'll add 432 and maybe 1296, but in the meantime 50 and 144 will do.

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!

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