[VHFcontesting] Field day antenna?

Buddy Morgan via VHFcontesting vhfcontesting at contesting.com
Tue May 27 13:00:54 EDT 2014

I have to tell my 432 loop story. Once upon a time, I had a M2 70 cm loop,  
mounted off the side of my tower, @75'. It had a clear shot at the FLWSS 
beacon,  in Orlando, thirty something miles away. Signal was always about S-1. 
One afternoon I had my 5760 gear, set up in the back yard. The 5 Gig  
station has a three element, 432 yagi for liasion. It is about eight feet  off 
the ground. Signal from the beacon was also S-1. 
There has to be some subtle hidden message about loops vs yagis,  here.
Buddy WB4OMG

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