[VHFcontesting] MS Scheds with K5QE for the June contest....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Mon May 26 21:34:10 EDT 2014

Hello to all our friends in the VHF / WSJT world from the K5QE contest 

K5QE will be operating in the ARRL June VHF Contest and would really 
appreciate any contacts that we can make via FSK441 or EME for that 
"rare" grid.  The contest  begins 1800 UTC Saturday and ends 0300 UTC 
Monday (Jun 14th - 16th, 2014).  For those of us still on local time, 
that is 1PM CDST on Saturday to 10PM CDST Sunday night.

I would like to make as many 15min schedules for 6M MS as possible, so 
if you are within MS range, please write me and we can set up a schedule 
for 6M.  On 6M, we normally begin MS operations at 8PM CDST Sat night = 
0100Z Sunday....UNLESS we still have Es occurring.  IF Es is open, then 
we will stay with SSB until it fades away and then go to the sched list.

On 2M, we can do MS until our moonrise, which is 10PM CDST Sat night = 
0300Z Sunday morning....after that, we will be on 2M EME.  SO, we can 
make MS schedules from 8PM CDST to 10PM CDST Sat night(0100Z to 0300Z 
Sunday). We will run 2M MS on 144.142MHz. IF you are 2M EME capable, 
just look for us on 144.142MHz us Second Sequence and call us if you see 
our trace.

We will follow normal sequencing--i.e. when we are westernmost, we we 
will take First sequence-when we are easternmost, we will take Second 
Sequence.  If we do not have a sched, we will call CQ K5QE 265 on 
50.260MHz--but we will work all callers on 50.265MHz.  If we happen to 
find a station calling CQ, we will answer them on their given 
frequency.  This is a good opportunity for smaller stations to get a DX 
contact on 6M, because the chances of an Es opening late at night are 
not very good.  Please give us a try on 6M meteor scatter.  We run 1KW 
output on 6M meteor scatter with fairly large antennas.  Please remember 
that the contest requires the exchange of GRIDS not 26 or 27.

On 2M, we will start at 0100Z Sunday morning(=8PM CDST Sat evening) with 
FSK441 meteor scatter on a frequency of 144.142MHz.  As on 6M, we will 
take the "normal" sequence(westernmost station goes First).  We will 
call CQ K5QE 142 on 144.140MHz, but we will be working stations on 
144.142MHz.  If we find someone calling CQ elsewhere, we will work that 
station on their frequency.  Again, this is a good chance for smaller 
stations to get some good 2M DX and a "rare" grid during the contest.  
We get one too...a WIN-WIN situation!!  We run a stacked pair of 17el 
M2's at 160ft and 1KW output on 2M FSK.

On 6M, we will cease digital meteor scatter operations at 7AM 
CDST(=1200Z) on Sunday morning and revert to normal tropo type operations.

Remember that stations with a single long yagi and QRO may be able to 
work us on their rising moon using WSJT / JT65b. Find out when your 
moonrise time is, point your tropo antenna at the right AZ, and call us 
for 30-40min after your moonrise.  For stations way East of us, this may 
not work as the moon may be too high before it rises here--so you will 
have to work us on your moonset.  However, for everyone else, there is a 
good chance that we can work.  Stations in the Central US and out West 
get the increased gain from their rising moon, so give us a try.  In 
years past, we easily worked stations in CN87 that just had a single 
yagi pointed at the horizon, so it can be done.  We run 8 x 2M18XXX with 
the custom EME elements and 1250W output(1500W output if it is a rare 
one.....HI). Pictures of the EME antenna are on my web site.  It is a 
really FB antenna and we would love to work you in the contest.......all 
new multipliers gratefully appreciated.

This year, we also have a 432 EME station up and running.  The antenna 
is 16 x 28el M2, all Horizontal, with 1KW output.  We will be operating 
on 432.070MHz taking Second Sequence.  If you have a single long yagi 
and QRO, we should be able to work on your rising moon if you are 
located in the Central or Western US.  Stations East of us, please try 
us on your setting moon. Please look for us on 432 and work us if you 
can.  It will be a new grid for us and a new initial and a new grid for 
you.  What a deal!!

Because we are a Multi-Multi station, we will be watching the PingJockey 
logger whenever we are running meteor scatter. However, we are not 
allowed to "self spot"--so you can talk to us, we just can't talk back.  
When we are on EME, we will be watching the N0UK EME-1 logger.  If you 
see us or work us, please spot us on PingJockey or the N0UK EME-1 
reflector.  If you are not in the contest, you can post freely to the 

Thank you in advance for spending some time to work us in the contest.  
GL to everyone during the contest.

Please note my new email address..... k5qe at k5qe.com.  Thanks....

73 Marshall K5QE, EM31cj


East Texas

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