[VHFcontesting] K5N will activate DM71 and DM70 in August during the Perseids....

Marshall-K5QE k5qe at k5qe.com
Wed May 28 15:54:29 EDT 2014

The K5N Grid Activation Group would like to make this announcement of 
our Summer 6M Grid DXpedition.  As usual, this will be a Grid Bandits 
DXpedition with JD-N0IRS as our logo guru and Joey-W5TFW as our QSL 
Manager.  Please send your card + SASE to Joey for your QSLs.  Remember, 
it takes me at least a month to get the cards designed and printed up, 
so don't hassle Joey about it.

Hello to everyone interested in FFMA or 6M grid chasing in general.  The 
K5N Grid Activation Group wishes to announce its fall plans for a 
DXpedition to DM71 in West Texas.  There a several guys on the FFMA list 
that need this grid.  While DM71 will be our primary target, Dan-N5TM 
will take his portable rig down into DM70 on the morning of Aug13(right 
after the peak of Perseids) and will operate from there for several 
hours to try to work those stations needing DM70.

Dan will announce his frequencies and times on the K5N chat pages(see 
below).  The main operation will run SSB/CW on 50.165MHz and will run MS 
on 50.265MHz always taking first sequence.  We will also do a bit of EME 
on our setting moon on 50.195MHz when the moon is right.

We plan to be operational in the afternoon of Aug 11th(Monday), just in 
time for the Perseids meteor shower.  We will operate until 9AM on Aug 
14th(Thursday), at which time, we will tear down and begin the long 
drive home.  We have timed this trip to get the maximum from Perseids 
AND during the best EME times in August. There are several guys in 
WA(and elsewhere), that can only be worked via EME, so we want to give 
them a chance too.

We are assuming that there will be Internet available, either through 
the RV park where we will be setup or through a cell phone to hot spot 
connection.  Dan will make us a "private" chat room for our use while on 
site.  That address should be chat.n5tm.com.....then login and click on 
the K5N tab above.  That last part is important.  If you don't click on 
K5N, you will be in the general chat pages and we will not see you.

We will be taking our now "standard" portable rig....2 x 6M5XHP with 
full steering and a combined pair of the 6M1000 amps.  This setup has 
been quite effective in the past.  We plan a new set of steering relays 
and a preamp this time, hoping that we can get away from the 6M EME 
gremlins that we have had in the past.

We do hope everyone can find time to work us when we are out there....it 
really helps to have people to work rather than just burning up 
electrons on CQs.

73 de the K5N Grid Activation Group


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