[VHFcontesting] DN02 expedition

Steve Stahl ke7ihg at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 15:05:40 EDT 2015

 I'm busy getting ready to go to Steens MT IN Southeast Oregon for the Fall
contest 9/12-9/14
My new generator has been test run for a few hours and it's getting an oil
change today.
Big thanks to Lance W7GJ for the info on the generator.(I received my high
altitude jets in the mail)
Still waiting for Gigparts to send me a few thing but I checked with them
on the phone this am and they should be here Wedesday.

Plan is to have 5el 6 m beam with 700 watts/ half that for JT65a &
FSK441... Amp an LK500-ZA converted to 6m

Will also have trusty 3 el Rover 6m/ 2 m with Teletec amp /223.5 fm with 60
watt amp/ and 432 with Teletec amp.

We will try camping at Fish Lake 7400 ft  if the weather allows and/or
there isn't any fire activity. Otherwise we'll opt for Steens mt resort,
which is much lower on the mountain.

Will try to do a SOTA op on Steens  on Friday 9/12 or Saturday 9/13
depending on who knows what!

Will try to keep Murphy away and hope to work those I can hear.

Steve / KE7IHG


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