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I too will be on for the VHF SS.  I have a 6 meter N/S loop and 100 watts  cw/ssb or 35 watts JT65a
I.m in it only for the grids and will submit a paper check log if something turns up.
If I need ur grid I will send you a QSL card with SASE.  If you need my grid send QSL with
SASE. looking for grid FM28 and all FM grids  South.  Got to fill in my prop donut.
Have 138 grids on 6 meters and the march to 150 grids  is on.
Jerry, W2JCN FN21wr
GL in the SS




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Hello All,

We will be operational for this year's Jan SS. Bands include 6m thru 10G and we 
welcome any ssb, cw, or WSJT skeds. Good luck!

Mike - WB2RVX
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