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Jonesy W3DHJ via VHFcontesting vhfcontesting at contesting.com
Wed Jan 21 16:43:41 EST 2015

For the First Time Ever I am making plans to go out rovering in the
ARRL JAN VHF contest.  The WX looks good for Fri-Sat-Sun -- temps
in the upper 50's and storm free.

At best I only promise to operate 11:00 local (1800Z) to near
sunset on Saturday, and early morning to near sunset on Sunday.

I'll be doing DM88, DM87, DM77, DM78 on Saturday -- spending a
little over an hour in each grid.

I'll do DM78, DM77, DM87, DM88 on Sunday (the reverse of Saturday's
rove) -- spending a little over 2 hours in each grid.

It'll be just 6M and 2M -- SSB and (dreadfully bad) CW.
A little more information at:


It might be A First to have DM87 active in the January contest.
In any case, it's rare that it's activated in the ARRL JAN VHF.

OBTW, for any of you that have bookmarked my web pages in the
past, I have obtained my own domain name: W3DHJ.net.
(:- Real clever, huh? :-)
(You'll be redirected from any fetch attempt on the old stuff.)

Jonesy W3DHJ/r
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