[VHFcontesting] RBN (Skimmers) on 6M

Dave Zeph w9pa at w9pa.net
Tue Jun 9 01:27:14 EDT 2015

There was a question about which RBN Skimmers provide Spots of 6M.  The
listing at:  http://www.reversebeacon.net/nodes/detail.php  shows a detailed
list of worldwide Skimmers and the range(s) on which they provide Spots.  Of
course this is no guarantee that the Skimmers listed as having 6M capability
will be active during the June VHF.


A few indicating 6M spotting capability are K9IMM,  N2QT, N6EV, ND0B, NW0W,
VE7AB, W3UA, & W8WTS,  Many Skimmer operators use the early QS1R SDR
Receiver which did not cover 6M.  However the latest QS1R-Rev D covers up to


Skimmer Spots are NOT carried by V4 AR-Clusters or (I believe) DXSpiders.
Skimmer Spots are carried by V6 AR-Clusters and VE7CC Clusters.  The Telnet
Servers in the original Clusters are not capable of handling the volume of
Skimmer Spots during Contests.  The Clusters that carry the Skimmer Spots
are only accessible via Telnet - again because of traffic volume.


You will find Hand-Entered (human-entered) Spots on the V4 AR-Cluster and
DXSpider Networks.  And these are also handled by the V6 AR-Clusters and
VE7CC Clusters.


Both the V6 AR-Clusters and VE7CC Clusters have extensive sets of Filter
commands to control the "RBN fire-hose".  It is folly to try and use Skimmer
Spots WITHOUT an appropriate Filter.  You can connect directly to the RBN
but users are instead URGED to connect to the V6 AR-Cluster or VE7CC Cluster
of their choice.  THE RBN Telnet Servers DO NOT RESPOND TO FILTER COMMANDS
sent by Users who connect to them.


A worldwide list of Telnet-Accessible Clusters can be found at:
http://www.dxcluster.info/telnet/index.php .  A Country Index is available
at the beginning of the List.




73 --> Dave, W9PA (ex-W9ZRX, 1954 to 2012)




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