[VHFcontesting] Jamaica DXpedition Status

Jim Worsham w4kxy at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 3 02:49:01 EDT 2016

Another slow day on 6 for 6Y6M.  After the openings to Europe earlier in the week this has been a bit of a letdown.  We will be on through midday Monday so keep your fingers crossed that we will get a good opening to NA.

The good news is 6Y5AZ has been going gangbusters on 2 EME.  Nearly 300 in the log.  We have been running 50 to 60 per day but things slowed down a bit today to 30.  It seems that we just don't have as many calling.  Today/Sunday is going to be the last day for 2 EME so if you want to work Jamaica today is your last chance so get on the moon and give us a call.  144.134 JT65B. Monday AM we are going to try to work some terrestrial 2M scheds.  Modes available will be CW, USB, FSK441 and JT65B.  If you are interested in trying drop me an email with time and mode.  Frequency will remain 144.134.

The 6Y7R has also been doing gangbusters on 17 and 30 meters.  He broke 1000 in the log today.  CW, USB and RTTY are the available modes.  If you need Jamaica go looking for him.  He will only be on through midday Monday when we start tearing things down for the trip home Tuesday.

That's it for now.

Jim, 6Y4KX aka W4KXY

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