[VHFcontesting] Jamaica DXpedition Update

Jim Worsham w4kxy at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 3 13:38:52 EDT 2016

Bad news everyone.  The 2 Meter station is dead.  We had a short power failure this morning and the Flex SDR didn't come back up when the power was restored.  We have had this happen before and have been able to get it running again by reloading software, rebooting the laptop, etc.  Not this time.  It's dead Jim.  They are taking the station apart as I write this.  Next time we will use a conventional radio and leave the SDR stuff at home.  Not ready for prime time DXpedition work IMHO.  To everyone that was planning to work us later today or tomorrow morning on 2M all I can say is stuff happens and we did our best.

The good news is we got a great opening to NA this morning on 6M and we worked a lot of folks.  We are still on 6 and will continue on that band until tomorrow afternoon.  50.1066 CW and USB.  The call is 6Y6M.  Give us a shout if you can hear us.

Jim, 6Y4KX aka W4KXY

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