[VHFcontesting] W3DHJ/R CQ WW VHF

Jonesy W3DHJ W3DHJ at jonz.net
Mon Jul 11 13:02:53 EDT 2016

I will be returning from a trip around mid-day on Saturday.  So, I don't
see how I can get on the road for the contest until 2000-2100Z.

As a result, I will activate just DM77 and DM78 on Saturday -- from a
high mesa about 20 miles S.E. of Pueblo, CO.

On Sunday I will operate close in to the intersection of 38 N and 104 W
-- grids DM78, DM77, DM87, & DM88 -- in that sequence -- about 50 miles
E.S.E. of Pueblo.  Pointing a beam at those coordinates would place me
inside the 3 dB points of your antenna.

A little more

73 ES GL
Jonesy W3DHJ
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