[VHFcontesting] FN51 & contesting

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 11 20:43:39 EDT 2016

I have warned others about roving starting in FN51. They didn't listen and were upset that they hardly worked anyone.I took my 11 band rover up to FN51 for a June VHF contest with my ham son. We had great power, great antennas and great experience. BUT in the first few hours of the contest, everyone is working 6 & 2 meters with hardly a thought of pointing to FN51 and almost never considering stopping their runs on 6 & 2 to run the microwave bands. Yes, "rare" grids are great for Sunday afternoon, but if you go to FN51 to start the contest, you are likely to be significantly disappointed. Rick, K1DS 		 	   		  

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