[VHFcontesting] XV222 + IC746Pro

David Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Wed Jul 13 18:35:07 EDT 2016


I use a IC-746Pro also, but have never connected a transverter to it.

"Commander" (whatever that is) may have a command to set the display 
offset, but the IC-746Pro CI-V protocol does not support it so it won't 
work.  I've never seen an Icom supporting display offset.  Some Yaesus, 
yes.  Some Kenwoods, yes.  But no Icoms.

I was not aware of the command to turn down the power output on the 
IC-746, and while I'm not certain, based on the way the IC-746 manual 
describes the command, I'll bet it affects all bands

You will have to set up the XV222 for common rx/tx IF, because the 
IC-746 lacks a receive antenna input.  With a common IF, if you plan to 
add an attenutation you'll have to build some sort of relay system to 
switch it out of line on receive.

222.0 - 223.7 won't be problem as for contesting you probably only need 
222.05 -222.15 unless you're gonna run FM up higher.

Good luck,


On 7/13/2016 5:55 PM, Peter Laws wrote:
> May be able to acquire an Elecraft XV222 transverter for a good price.
> Bearing in mind that I have exactly zero (0) experience with
> transverters, how difficult will this be to use with my 746Pro?
> I can see that without modifying my Icom, I'd only get 222.0 - 223.7
> MHz, but I don't see that as a downside.
> I think I can turn the 746Pro down to <8 W which is the max the XV222
> will take but maybe an attenuator would be safer.  :-)  I think it can
> be turned down to minimum over the CI-V bus, so maybe that's a
> solution.  Should probably see what "minimum" really is.  Since the IF
> is on the HF side of the 746, conceivably I can set up Commander to
> switch to ANT 2, set the radio to 28 MHz, and set the power to
> minimum.  In fact, I think Commander will let me do the display
> offset, too.  Hmm.
> Anyone using an Elecraft transverter and an Icom?

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