[VHFcontesting] XV222 + IC746Pro

Peter Laws plaws0 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 20:07:01 EDT 2016

On Wed, Jul 13, 2016 at 5:35 PM, David Pruett <k8cc at comcast.net> wrote:

> "Commander" (whatever that is) may have a command to set the display offset,
> but the IC-746Pro CI-V protocol does not support it so it won't work.  I've
> never seen an Icom supporting display offset.  Some Yaesus, yes.  Some
> Kenwoods, yes.  But no Icoms.

Commander is part of the DXLab Suite of programs.  It would handle the
display offset as Icom apparently doesn't see the need for that (did
they on the S-band downconverter available for the IC910H?).

> I was not aware of the command to turn down the power output on the IC-746,
> and while I'm not certain, based on the way the IC-746 manual describes the
> command, I'll bet it affects all bands

I'm sure it does since that's what the physical knob does.  I had been
under the impression that this wasn't addressable via CI-V, but there
it is on p.96 of the manual (p.109 in the PDF - 14+0A+level).

> You will have to set up the XV222 for common rx/tx IF, because the IC-746
> lacks a receive antenna input.  With a common IF, if you plan to add an
> attenutation you'll have to build some sort of relay system to switch it out
> of line on receive.

I'll check the minimum output on 28 MHz later tonight.  If it's under
8 W and if I really can turn it down to that minimum via CI-V, that
will be part of it.  Then I can switch to ANT 2 over CI-V which is
where the transverter would connect and I won't even need another
switch or relay (assuming no attenuator).

Of course, just today, I and another DXLab user nearly simultaneously
discovered that Commander doesn't actually have a setting for 222
(covers 50, 72, 144, 432, 902, and 1240 MHz).  Maybe the author will
add it.

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