[VHFcontesting] in FN-51

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Thu Jul 14 17:59:19 EDT 2016

I hope to get on from Cape Cod in FN-51 a somewhat rare grid. I will have 
100w on 6m to a 200' HF dipole 60' high. When the band is open I hear a lot 
of DX so might have some luck.
2m will be a HUGE challenge with 50w and a halo.

Sure is not like being at home with large arrays but it's all fun.

Portable in FN-51

A small group of operators is planning to be on again as a multi-op from 
fairly-rare grid FN05 (about 200 km north of Toronto in FN05ce) for the CQ 
Worldwide VHF Contest this coming weekend, using my call, VE3SMA.  We'll 
have about 300 watts on both 2m and 6m.  For FSK441 meteor scatter on both 
bands we will post our frequency and sequence from time to time on Ping 
Jockey.  Look for us on the following frequencies for CW & SSB:

6m CW: just below 50.100,
6m SSB: 50.137 or 50.177
2m CW/SSB: 144.200 (when band is quiet), 144.177 or 144.237

Last year we were able to make a couple of JT65 EME QSOs on 2m shortly after 
moonrise.  We may attempt that again, though the EME conditions are not 
expected to be that great this year

Sked requests are welcome.  We'll likely monitor ON4KST chat, etc. on and 
off during the contest but, in accordance with the CQ contest rules, we 
aren't allowed to say much (with some limited exceptions for digital meteor 
scatter and EME attempts) !

Steve VE3SMA

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