[VHFcontesting] Height vs. foliage

Patrick Thomas p-thomas at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 21 20:32:10 EDT 2016

Speaking of VHF contesting, and my ongoing poor results with my below-roof-mounted 2m beam at the home QTH, I figured I would ask the experts here for some advice.

Operating under the knowledge that more height is better, I am already at a disadvantage being about 15-20' below average terrain.  Additionally I am surrounded by extremely dense trees covering all heights up to about 50'.  The city has an ordinance limiting antennas to 42', although there is provision for a variance.

Assuming I come across $5-10k, I believe I could legally get away with putting in a freestanding 70' crank-up tower, but so far I have other financial priorities, and I haven't yet won the lottery.

So here's the punchline: Is it worth getting a small tower or roof-mount quadpod (total height 25-40 ft), knowing the antenna will still being surrounded by trees?  Or will I be happier in the long run saving my pennies and concrete, and just roving until I can afford something taller?  Due to my lot configuration, guying is not an option, but are there any other permanent-mounted, great-lakes-weather-resistant, tall options out there I should consider?  I expect to operate up to 23cm, as possible, but would expect most "serious" work would be only up to 2m.

Thanks for any advice,

Patrick / KB8DGC

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