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Hello Tom;
           Please note the full text of the article released this morning.This has been as the result of many hours of discussion and it isjust the beginning of the process.  Please feel free to distribute thisas widely as possible.
                        73, Kermit Carlson W9XA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>03/11/2016 The ARRL August UHF Contest for 2016 has been cancelled, while the ARRL VHF Contest Revitalization Committee considers alternatives.
The Contest Revitalization Committee fielded dozens of comments from members concerning possible changes to this annual UHF operating event, traditionally held on the first weekend of August each year. Many commenters expressed dissatisfaction with the timing of the contest, occurring as it does at the hottest time of the year, and that it was too close on the calendar to other VHF/UHF events.
In response to this member input, the Contest Revitalization Committee recommended to the Programs and Services Committee (PSC) that the 2016 August UHF Contest be cancelled, and the PSC agreed.
The ARRL VHF Contest Revitalization Committee continues to study the possibility of redesigning or replacing the August UHF Contest with a similar event at another point in the calendar — possibly in the spring — for 2017.The Committee will solicit member comments in the near future, as it weighs several alternatives. 


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I have to assume that the folks on these committees are people who care
about our unique form of contesting and arrived at their decision based on
careful thought. 

The above is NOT meant to be sarcastic, so please do not take it that way.

I am disappointed in this as well, and wonder what facts and inputs guided
them. I hope that there will be a more detailed explanation available to us
soon. Until then, any comments about what was decided are really just
meaningless speculation.

Tom Holmes, N8ZM

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