[VHFcontesting] 2016 ARRL UHF Contest Cancelled

Joshua M. Arritt jarritt at vt.edu
Fri Mar 11 13:58:19 EST 2016

I also read it as: "Aug UHF to be resched", with eager anticipation.

In Mid-Atl, there is a popular hamfest that coincides with the UHF 
'Test.  So a re-sched would ////perhaps//// be a good thing at least 
regionally, at least minimally.


1.) 10GHz event is multi-weekend; participate both weekends from two 
mult/grids for optimum "fun".  Do you feel a similar format would suit 
UHF 'Test?

2.) Would  'test be better if it were "rolled into" the 10GHz+ 'Test 
(where liason station Qs could count for mults)?     Would this increase 
10GHz activity?

3.) Portable ops: How many portable UHF "Big Guns" are out there, who 
haul heavy equip to mtntops for each Aug 'Test?  How many of you 
consider yourselves "lighter weight"?  In other words, for your 
operation, is a 2-weekend UHF+ test more, or less gear-intensive than a 
full-blown June, Sept, or Jan contest?  How much so?  What do you feel 
your participation level would be?   Or in still other terms, would a 
two-weekend event increase the number of hours you might be QRV on UHF+?

4.) Again for portables:  How many UHF 'Test enthusiasts carry 2m with 
them during the 'test anyway for liaison work?   In other UHF-only or 
higher-freq-exclusive events, how much of your gear payload is invested 
in lower bands not being used in the event? To the point: Have we 
reached a point in modern, compact, capable gear availability where 
including all bands, even in a limited fashion, would help increase 
participation or satisfaction?  What if these "UHF Tests" focused higher 
point/mult values to the UHF+ bands, but still gave some credit for your 
liaison station?

5.) Fall microwave sprints seem to promise slightly better propagation 
enhancement probability than Spring.  (yes?)  Can we imagine the Fall 
(or Spring, or both) Microwave sprint coinciding with a more major UHF+ 
event?  What implications are involved in such an event mash-up?

6.) Do we have too many or too few operating events focused on UHF+?  Do 
you feel consolidation of events as suggested above are worth 
consideration (i.e., more dense participation in a more inclusive 
event), or would event consolidation end up hurting participation (i.e., 
fewer weekends with higher stations-QRV probability)?

I'm personally split -- can see two sides of a valid debate -- on each 
question.   I have no preferences.  Rather, I mostly feel as though this 
group can use these points of discussion to provide critical input to 
CAC re: any restructuring of "The Contest Formerly Known as 'Aug UHF'".

  VY 73,
          - Josh / KF4YLM

On 11.03.2016 12:35, Ward Silver wrote:
> The CAC does not have final say over anything and only considers HF 
> contesting issues, anyway.  Reading the announcement carefully, the 
> issues are being handled by an ad hoc VHF Contesting Revitalization 
> Committee and the board's Programs & Services Committee made the final 
> decision.
> The ad hoc committee is collecting input on what kind of UHF/microwave 
> contests the community wants, when they should be held, etc.  While 
> there may be some disagreement about the order in which things are 
> being done, there is significant interest and goodwill for 
> UHF/microwave contests.  I suggest that you think of what kind of 
> contest you would like to see, write it up, and submit it to the email 
> address N0JK provided.  Consider what would attract new hams to give 
> these contests a try, what would drive technical innovation, is a 
> single time period the right way to go, should there be new categories 
> or styles of operation?  Put those thinking caps on and send in your 
> ideas.
> In case there is any confusion, I do work with the writeup authors but 
> I am *not* a member of the ad hoc committee.
> 73, Ward N0AX
> On 3/11/2016 11:05 AM, vhfcontesting-request at contesting.com wrote:
>> ARRL Ad Hoc Subcommittee on VHF and Above Revitalization made the 
>> recommendation to cancel the UHF contest. Last year they asked for 
>> input on how "to expand participation in the August UHF contest. To 
>> that end they are asked for responses to the following questions:
>> ? Are you now active on UHF?
>> ? How often do you presently operate in the ARRL UHF contest ? never, 
>> occasional, or always?
>> ? If you do not presently participate, why not?
>> ? If you do not presently participate, what changes might compel you 
>> to participate in the future?
>> ? What are your ideas for attracting more amateurs to UHF operation 
>> in general?
>> Please submit your comments by October 1, 2015 to:vhf-input at arrl.org
>> Did you comment?
>> They still may be open to comments. The CAC though likely had the 
>> final say on the cancellation.
>>   - N0JK
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