[VHFcontesting] Fwd: UHF Contest

Dana ve3ds at acanac.net
Sun Mar 13 10:55:22 EDT 2016

Over the years I’ve found the UHF contest to be an enjoyable part of the August scene
when not busy with family here.
In addition many others up here in Canada have participated with enthusiasm and 
great scores over the years & everyone always looks forward to it.

In fact it’s been an incentive to get my suburban size lot,  432 and up station spruced up, as I know others
around here have as well particularly on 2304 and 222.

I was looking forward to more this year, with high power on 902 and 1296!

So now this leaves June as the only opportunity, and that means of course running the bands,
but also being spread across many bands…just not the same!

It’s unfortunate that ARRL chose the outright cancel the test for 2016 rather than
running it and then instituting changes for 2017.

What changes?
- distance and/or power as part of scoring?
- incentives for FM and digital?
- promoting hilltop operating vs roving?
- make a cumulative 222 and up UHF contest all summer long?
- promote activity night based cumulative contest all summer long? 

If ARRL wants to get more people involved, you need to get more people interested
in UHF and up DXing and technology rather than simply promoting FM and handhelds, which
we all know is a huge impediment to experimenting, both in the US and Canada -
add to this that the major manufacturers still DO NOT include multimode handhelds or mobile rigs across the board,
something that is easily implemented today - but for having to provide linear PA’s and extra 
detection/processing, but could this not be done? I’d sooner have that than a radio that “talks” for $35.
Just think what you could do if you had an 8 w handheld that ran SSB/FM/AM/CW/Digital?

SDR’s offer a major opportunity for multimode operations, just look at the HackRF for example
while not quite ready for prime time, it shows a pathway to the future….again think of a small box that
runs 8 w all modes DC - 6 GHz...

Well I’ll miss the contest this year, but hopefully we will see it rise again next year.

73 Dana VE3DS/VE3DSS
50 -1296

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