[VHFcontesting] K3CB SK

Rick R rick1ds at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 17 14:46:46 EDT 2016

Owen and his red pickup rover was an inspiration to me. I learned a lot for my van from checking out his rover when he came up to DEMI at Frenchtown, years back. I remember especially one contest when the new K8GP station was operating and I was down in FM18 running the bands with them. We got to 2.3GHz and he had a colossal signal, but said he could hear nothing from me. I had made other 2.3GHz QSOs, and everything checked out fine on my rover. He finally came to the cause that his preamp went dead, but only after I had moved to another grid. I could always count on having great feedback from him. He attended many of our VHF Conferences, and I loved his video production of the K8GP VHF station as the lead-off speaker years ago. He brought great deals to the table at HAMARAMA when the Packrats ran that at the grange. More recently (4-5 yrs ago?) he was selling uW parts at the NE VHF and  he sold me a dual 5-10GHz feed that he had motorized to get the feed on the optimal focal position. He was a great and energetic ham and a revered mentor. I share fond memories with many of you.  Rick, K1DS 		 	   		  

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