[VHFcontesting] Ionosphere Scatter

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Tue Oct 25 15:16:49 EDT 2016

After reading thru some of the posted materials and links I'm wondering if the the "JT" and related weak signal digital modes might provide enough of an advantage to make iono scatter  viable on 50 MHz for a well equipped portable station (similar to what Barry has) trying to communicate with a reasonably well equipped home station.

The few times I've tried the JT modes on VHF and up I've been impressed with their abilities to work with very weak signals.

I'll have to dust off the qro amp plans for my portable station (:

The reported peak peak in performance of this mode near local noon would be a nice compliment for me to meteor scatter and tropo scatter that so far seems to work best for me in the mornings.   The extra distance would be nice as well.

Mark S

> On Oct 24, 2016, at 11:45 AM, Barry Hansen <barry at k7bwh.com> wrote:
> I follow this thread with interest. I make grid expeditions around the
> Pacific Northwest and am always looking for ways to expand the range when
> the bands are otherwise closed. There are some rare grid squares that
> desperately need activating.
> As a rover, I've been known to carry 1 KW and a good 5-element yagi (11
> dB) antenna on 6, and something similar on 2. Meteor scatter is tempting
> but contacts tend to take a long time. I operate like a mountain-top
> portable station but in contests I move around just enough to enter the
> rover category.
> Barry K7BWH
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> WSJT has ISCAT and JT6M that can be used on the mode. It doesn't look
> like they are in WSJT-X yet.
> I'm assuming with sufficient power and gain the answer is "whatever mode
> you want."
> I'll have to read that fairly sizable document when I'm off work.
> It doesn't seem like it's a mode that can be done with any reasonable
> equipment that a rover might carry, which is unfortunate. At best we'd
> have a 4el super moxon and 100W on 6. Some friends and I are considering
> in the next year or three to start getting out occasionally for grid
> expeditions to some of the rarer grids in Maine, New Hampshire and
> Massachusetts (FN45, FN56, FN67, FN51 and that area). In addition to
> trying to get more contacts on our contest roves, being able to get any
> sort of propagation when on the wrong side of Maine will be the key to
> success on those trips. If we can hit ionosphere scatter or tropo scatter
> with 100W and 5el on 6 then those will be an option.

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