[VHFcontesting] Perseids MS

Wyatt Dirks wyattdirks at msn.com
Sun Aug 6 21:12:23 EDT 2017

Forgot to mention will be on 144mhz.

73 Wyatt

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Perseids MS

I'm looking for skeds during the shower next weekend.  I've been working on station here recently and hope to be qrv with kw plus and stacked 8 element yagis.  At minimum I'll be qrv with one yagi and kw.  Plan to be qrv thursday evening through Sunday morning as activity permits.  Can operate ssb or msk 144.

Is there a better place to post this?

73 Wyatt

PS will be setup in en42 in Iowa.  Also qrv on Eme.
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