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Randy Wing winger55552001 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 5 14:02:50 EST 2018

Marshall... you could reset the radio...

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  On Fri, Jan 5, 2018 at 12:36 PM, Marshall-K5QE<k5qe at k5qe.com> wrote:   Hello to all VHF Contesters....First, you are REQUIRED to have a Great 
New Year. Second, the Jan VHF Contest is coming up soon.  Jan 20 and 21 
as I recall.  We hope to work you there.....

I am having a problem with an IC 9100.  I bought it a couple of years to 
use for a DXpedition / portable rig.  We took it on a 432 EME DXpedition 
to LA, MS, and AL.  We also took it to our 2M Zone2 DXpedition to Quebec 
in June.  Both DXpeditions used only JT65b from WSJT, there was no SSB 
or CW.  Both times the radio worked perfectly on WSJT / JT65b.  We were 
using the 6pin MINI-DIN data port on the back for the digital interface 

NOW, I am trying to install this radio for my home station.  The data / 
WSJT works perfectly, as before.  However, I cannot get any power out on 
SSB at all.  I have used the mike that comes with the radio and also an 
ICOM desk mike that I have.  Nothing on SSB at all.  I have looked 
through a LOT of menu choices and cannot find anything that might be 
relevant.  All this testing was done on 2M.

CW is a bit strange too.  I can push the Transmit button on the rig or 
on the microphone(so as to key the radio) and then send CW with the 
key.  That works all OK.  I cannot get semi-break in CW to work.

All this seems to have something to do with the memory(s). Bill-N5YA got 
the semi-break in CW to work once, but when I changed to a new memory 
channel(and then back) that was lost.

If you have a 9100 and can help me, please give me a call.  IF I am out, 
I will call you right back....Thanks a lot for the help....

73 Marshall K5QE
Phone is 409-787-3830 at the home shack
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