[VHFcontesting] January VHF Contest To Be Held This Weekend

peter h n6ze at aol.com
Fri Jan 19 10:01:53 EST 2018


The ARRL January 2018 VHF Contest will be held this weekend. This is a GREAT opportunity for all hams to get on the air to have fun, try operating on VHF/UHF without using repeaters, and learn more about VHF/UHF operating.
For full details, please refer to: >>>>http://www.arrl.org/january-vhf<<<<; 

I. Date/Time: 11AM PST Saturday 20 January until 8PM PST Sunday, 21 January 2018

II. Frequencies: ALL amateur radio frequencies 50 Mhz (6 meters) and up, including 144-148 Mhz (2 meters), 222-225 Mhz (135 cm), 420-450 Mhz (70 cm), 900 MHz (33cm), 1200-1300 Mhz (23 cm), AND all amateur frequencies higher than that. Modes: SSB, FM, CW, AM, Data including FT8. Note: No use of repeaters permitted!

III. Commonly used frequencies:

a. 6m: 50.125 Mhz USB; 50.525 Mhz FM Simplex; 50.090-50.100 CW; 50.313 FT-8
b. 2m: 144.200+/-  Mhz USB; 146.52, 146.55, 146.58, 146.61 Mhz FM Simplex; 144.200+/- Mhz CW
c. 135cm: 222.1 Mhz USB/CW; 223.5 Mhz FM Simplex
d. 70cm: 432.1 Mhz USB/CW; 446.0 Mhz FM Simplex
e. 33cm: 902.1 Mhz SSB/CW; 902.1, 903.1, 927.5, 927.6 Mhz FM Simplex
f.  23cm: 1296.1 Mhz SSB/CW; 1269 Mhz FM Simplex

IV. Typical antenna polarization:
 a. USB/CW/FT8 = horizontal
b . FM  = vertical
c.  NOTE!! Use whatever antennas you have available, even if not of the preferred polarization! (Old adage: a poor antenna is better than no antenna!)

V. A Valid QSO requires exchange of full callsigns, grid locator, & acknowledgement. (Note: Everyone in Ventura County is in Grid "DM04")

VI. Scoring:
a. QSOs: 1 point per QSO on 6/2 meter bands; 2 points per QSO on 135/70 cm bands; 4 points per QSO on higher bands
b. Multiplier: Total of all Grids worked on each band

VII. Log Submission:
a. Use: http://b4h.net/cabforms/arrlvhfjan_cab3.php
b. Please submit also to the 3830 reflector for contest score rumors: The form for reporting your score to the 3830 reflector will be available as soon as the contest starts at >>>>www.3830scores.com<<<<;

VIII: Questions?
Send e-mail query to: N6ZE at aol.com

IX. Have fun, and spend a bit of time with >>>>http://www.arrl.org/january-vhf<<<< ;

X. N6ZE HOPES to go hilltopping/roving on Sunday, but due to family commitment, exact schedule is not yet developed.

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