wa8wzg at wa8wzg.net wa8wzg at wa8wzg.net
Fri Jan 19 11:47:18 EST 2018

To all VHF contest junkies...I will be QRV on 6, 2, 222 ,432 and 1296, 
SSB, CW AND FM all bands,,, I will be starting in DM 43,,,,Saturday aT 
2300,  and work my way north to DM 33 about 2300 and then on to DM 34 by 
Sunday 0100.. 6 PM local AZ time Saturday .... I will be in DM 34 for 
the evening and will switch to DIGITAL  modes for the night when 
activity drops. I will be on FT 8 AND MSK 144, on 6 and 2 meters, 100 
watts with 3 ele on 6 and 7 ele on 2, at a location about 3500 feet 
ASL.and will be looking north on the top of hour and then rotate 
clockwise 90 degrees every 15 min, back to north at top of hour. .. 
Sunday morning I will start at the 4 corner convergence of DM 33, DM 32, 
DM 42, and DM 43  at 1400 , 7 am local AZ time. I will stay in this area 
until at least 1800 , then head north thru DM42, DM 43, Dm 33, then to 
DM 34 by 0000 Monday , 5 pm Sunday local AZ time. I will be in Dm 34 for 
the duration of the contest listening on regular modes and digital modes 
on 6 and 2 meters. I will have ARPS activated , to locate me, and my 
CELL number for any skeds, 419-370-8802. hope to work many of you ,
CU on the bands!!

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