[VHFcontesting] WSJT-X and rovers

Terry Signature terry at directivesystems.com
Thu Jan 25 22:44:42 EST 2018

There was some question as to whether the /R was added for rovers n 
WSJT-X. I just tested with K1RZ and when answering a CQ, TX1 does not 
show the /R however in TX3 and TX5 is does show it and more importantly 
when the QSO is completed and logged, it shows the /R. We also tested 
using JTalert and N1MM from different grids and N1MM logged the Q's 
correctly and no dup's so it appears everything works as it should. 
Calling CQ does show the /R on my end.

Hope this helps.

Terry, W8ZN

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