[VHFcontesting] WSJT-X and rovers

Mark Spencer mark at alignedsolutions.com
Fri Jan 26 02:40:58 EST 2018

I'll just add that in my testing and operating I found myself sending messages such as DE VE7AFZ/R R CN89

I would also receive messages such as VE7AFZ/R 73

I don't believe it is particularly helpful to not send both calls with each message.  In particular I see this as potentially causing issues when running FT8 on a busy band.

I also found myself receiving messages such as 




when my call was actually VE7AFZ/R which also seems odd to me and creates some ambiguity (at least for me) as to what call the other station is recording in their log.   Yes I realize the 73 message contains my call with a /R but if the band is busy and or I have multiple callers how do I know for sure who sent it ?   (Yes I realize one can look at frequencies in the waterfall and make some judgement calls, but this seem a bit complicated to me.)

I do realize one can still complete a QSO and log the calls correctly but the overall process does seem potentially more confusing to me to when using a call with "/R" than when using calls without "/R"

Thinking about this topic a bit more I could see this process working for a coordinated QSO on a quiet frequency.  If I visit a remote grid where I don't have Internet access, and where I am likely to have multiple callers I am much less optimistic about the likely outcome.

I hope this helps explain my views re this matter.  To recap I enjoy using the WSJT-x software, and appreciate the efforts of the developers.   I would also encourage others to do their own testing and make their own decisions.  If other rovers want to use WSJT-x I wish them much success.

Mark S

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> On Jan 25, 2018, at 7:44 PM, Terry Signature <terry at directivesystems.com> wrote:
> There was some question as to whether the /R was added for rovers n WSJT-X. I just tested with K1RZ and when answering a CQ, TX1 does not show the /R however in TX3 and TX5 is does show it and more importantly when the QSO is completed and logged, it shows the /R. We also tested using JTalert and N1MM from different grids and N1MM logged the Q's correctly and no dup's so it appears everything works as it should. Calling CQ does show the /R on my end.
> Hope this helps.
> Terry, W8ZN
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