[VHFcontesting] IC-706MKIIG vs Yaesu FT-897D

Nick Pick nicolasgagnon at hotmail.fr
Sun Jan 28 21:55:31 EST 2018

Got to ask the experts... got a fellow local ham, that proposed me to exchange my IC-706MKIIG for his Yaesu FT-897D, I use the Icom on HF mostly in FT8 modes and on V/U using FT8, MSK144, FLDIGI for cw name it, of course my SignaLink USB won't work anymore without rewiring and ordering new cable... And my other new rig since december is a nice Yaesu FT736R so... thinking of it, an all Yaesu familly... just wondering if the 2 rigs are of similar "value" for V/U contesting, PRO/CONS?



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