[VHFcontesting] Will you add your name to this petition?

Jeff Thomas wa4zko at outlook.com
Sun Sep 2 13:19:38 EDT 2018

Conceding that I'm not a lawyer, I don't play a lawyer on TV, and blessed to not be a politician.....

>From how this was explained to me by a friend well versed in Federal budget matters the root of this story is nothing more than a budget reduction request sent to NIST asking about several areas where $ might be saved. This is common agency budget stuff that does not mean WWV/WWVB/WWVH is in imminent danger of being shut down. Shame that the ARRL didn't explain it better.

Regardless, such concerns are best addressed in a letter or email to your particular congress critters versus the White House that has nothing to do with such budget matters at this point. For now a letter or email to your reps reminding them of the various value points of WWV/WWVB/WWVH radio stations would do 100x more good than this well intended but flawed petition.

I'm actually skeptical that anything really needs to be done....yet.  One might draft a letter/email and keep it handy though.




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