[VHFcontesting] Will you add your name to this petition?

Alan Larson wa6azp at gmail.com
Sun Sep 2 14:05:48 EDT 2018

> I wanted to let you know about a We the People petition and ask for your
> support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 100,000
> signatures within 30 days of its creation, the White House will review it
> and respond!

  They might, or they might not.  Last I looked, it had just over 800
The wild/crazy off the wall items generally had a lot more signatures.  It
does not
appear to be a venue that attracts responsible and reasoned responses.

  Further, if you look at:
you will see that congress has already said "no", and allocated more
money.  Other
references claimed that congress has already said "no" to discontinuing the

  It has also been pointed out that this is an example of "Washington
Syndrome" where government agencies threaten to cut the popular and visible
services if their budget drops.

  So, before everyone panics, it would be good to look for current facts,
of yesterday's hysteria.


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