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Steve(K1IIG) stephen.tripp at snet.net
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Hi John and also Tom,
Appreciate the answer and great you guys had the same comments on the Optima. You have to wonder who pays for the Internet ratings.
I have had good luck with Autozone batteries in my vehicles.

Optima use to be the gold standard in the off road community for its deep cycle abilities in winching.  It fell from that perch some time ago when mfg got moved to a new facility, perhaps offshore, not sure.  Failures went way up.  

I run a pair off large rv marine batteries from autozone.  An hour from 13v to 12.1 running two radios, computer and 100w amps 50% tx. 10min to top off on 120amp alternator.

6v golf cart batteries are probably the best but I cant take the space and weight in my jeep for 4 of them.  I just switched to generator as primary with the batteries as backup.

Hope that helps

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On Tuesday, September 18, 2018 Steve(K1IIG) <stephen.tripp at snet.net> wrote:

What is considered the best marine battery? This is not for Roving but 
assume the ones used for that are rated very high.
I see on the internet the Optima batteries are rated very high.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Steve K1IIG 

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