[VHFcontesting] Microwave Energy Directed at Overseas Personnel?

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 Thanks Jim for you better description of non-ionizing vs ionizing radiation. Seems to me us v/u and uv hams should be aware of all this. I plead guilty to not paying attention when bench testing transmitters all the way
to 10ghz. 
Steve HF-10ghz

Greetings to All,
Perhaps something should be said about "radiation".  It comes in two kinds : ionizing and non-ionizing. Their difference has to do with the wavelength of the signal and what those signals do to our bodies when they strike us.

Ionizing energy causes electrons to be stripped from the atoms they strike. That destroys our tissue and organs. We call it radiation poisoning, and it will indeed kill you as it did to many people living in Nagasaki and Hiroshima , Japan. The sun and nuclear explosions are sources of ionizing energy.

Non-ionizing energy does not strip electrons off the atoms in our body. It does however cause those atoms [and cells] to vibrate back and forth rapidly. As the cells vibrate they take energy from the signal. This causes the cells and tissues of our body to heat. If the cell over heat they are damaged...…..or it could be said we are "cooked". Microwave ovens use this vibration phenomime to heat food.

Not being cooked is controlled by a number of factors. Here are the most important:

1 If our body is small compared to the wavelength of the signal's energy, it will not absorb much of the signal.

2.  Your body has a blood circulatory system which will carry the heat to your outer skin surface and lungs where it is conducted out or off of the body. Therefore, little or no damage results. You will sense "heat" if you are being exposed to a signal level your body is having trouble cooling down from  Eyes, which have little blood circulation, are the most easily damaged organ of our body from the heating situation. And thus the old saying "never look down a waveguide" is still true today.

Therefore, we can conclude that the danger to the human body from non-ionizing radiation sources exists when the signal wavelength compares to or is smaller than our bodies. That would be signals in the VHF, UHF, and microwave wavelengths/frequencies.   

OSHA has established required maximum radiation levels standards for people working in both ionizing and non-ionizing areas. People working around large active microwave antennas or on broadcast towers, which have FM and television installations, need to pay close attention to OSHA standards which are intended to keep them from harm.

Recovery from radiation energy injuries is a slow process without happy outcomes guaranteed. The reason is that the radiation damage tends to go  deep into our tissues and organs. Our bodies will have a rather serious up hill climb to recovery  the function of those important organs.

Regards to All
Jim Heck, W7JVH
retired director of engineering of radio HCJB-Ecuador, S.A.

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 6:19 AM Steve(K1IIG) <stephen.tripp at snet.net> wrote:

   I too saw that show and question why they did not have RF detector devices 
  if they suspect China or Russia was using Hi Pwr RF causing health issues. 
  They spoke about the possibilities that the same freq as Microwave ovens 
  (2ghz) being used.
  If the RF was so intense a simple microwave oven detector would have picked 
  up the signal. I happen to have one of these devices used to detect leakage 
  from a microwave oven.  When I was a cellular tech we were issued Narda RF 
  detector badges. When
  the techs were exposed to hi RF fields the Narda would warn us at 50% unsafe 
  levels. When I was on a bank building in Springfield MA the alarm would 
  always go off if I stayed on the roof near the antennas. The roof top was 
  loaded with hi power
  pagers and cell antennas. If I stayed for any length I would get a nasty 
  headache. The headache would not last when I left the roof top and I was 
  told RF exposure did not stay in your body once out of the field. I can not 
  think of the technical term for this. Cell companies must do an RF Density 
  test at various distances and of course always passed this test. At one time 
  early in the cell business we had to shut down the site or a particular face 
  when climbers were on the tower. I do not believe this is today's standard 
  I have no clue if there are any long term health affects but for sure being 
  exposed to high power can give you a headache.
  Cell tech/engineer 1984-2001

  > A “60 Minutes” story on 17march19 discussed various physical (cranial) 
  > maladies experienced by USA government employees & their families, 
  > POSSIBLY inspired by microwave RF energy directed at their residences or 
  > offices. No mention was made of any RF field strength measurements!
  > Does anyone have ‘educated/learned’ comments on this report?? I have a few 
  > empiric  thoughts
  > on this, but am definitely not an expert.
  > Bt73
  > Pete, n6ze: with qrp on 70, 33, & 23 cm bands
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